Vision improvement for those that have been told nothing more can be done


This is required for an appointment to determine if you are a good candidate for vision improvement.

2. The design of special glasses consists of four steps:

  • Determine the amount of residual vision the patient has.
  • Determine the amount of vision needed to do the task (eg: reading, seeing signs down the road)
  • Determine the prescription of the special glasses needed that allows the person to do the task
  • Train the patient to use the telescope glasses

The office visit to prescribe your special glasses is not like other eye exams

  • The office visit can take up to an hour to prescribe the special glasses you will need
  • We use special eye charts not used by regular eye doctors
  • We ask that you bring in samples of things you like to read (eg: newspaper, books, magazines, bills

Telescopic Eyeglasses

Telescopic Eyeglasses

Telescope glasses use advanced optical technology to maximize your vision. Depending on your eye problem telescope glasses can be designed for distance seeing or reading. Some people may need more than one pair one for driving or seeing faces across the room and one for reading.

You control what you spend by only purchasing the telescope glasses you need or want. We want you to be happy with your telescope glasses, so you’ll have the opportunity to actually look through them, and you’ll know how much better they make you see.

We look forward to seeing the smile on your face when you realize how much better we can make you see.

Telescope Glasses: The Safer Alternative to Telescope Implants

  • Telescope glasses are a safe and effective way to see better, without invasive surgery and without medical restrictions such as age or history of cataracts.
  • They work wonderfully for most people with poor eyesight, regardless of age.
  • With decades of thousands of visually satisfied patients, custom designed telescope glasses are the recommended choice for improving poor eyesight.
  • Telescope glasses are the only proven safe method for non-surgical vision improvement, with a long track record of success.

Microscope Eyeglasses

Microscope Eyeglasses

Microscope Eyeglasses are custom designed to improve your vision for reading and are typically prescribed for the better eye. They allow a wider area to see through than regular glasses and can even make small print easy to read.


Side Vision Awareness Glasses (SVAG)

Side Vision Awareness Glasses™ (SVAG) were developed by Dr. Rummel after years of treating people with stroke-related,or brain injury related hemianopsia (side vision loss). SVAG allows those with side vision loss to more easily perform activities of daily living with greater safety. They will give you the freedom of not bumping into walls and bumping into people, and reduce the possibility of falling off a curve. Driving more safely may also be possible with SVAG.

The Science of Vision Vitamins

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a disease that currently affects approximately 1.75 million people and is expected to increase to 3 million by the year 2020. The National Institutes of Health has dedicated vast resources to study the causes and preventative measures possible to help manage AMD. THE NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH have demonstrated with two scientific studies (AREDS I & II) that nutritional supplements can slow down, stop or even prevent age-related macular degeneration. Numerous other studies, including the Lutein Antioxidant Supplementation trial (LAST), have demonstrated visual improvement in patients taking specific high-dose supplements that include lutein, zeaxanthin and omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil.

Features and Benefits

You will benefit from our patented, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients used at therapeutic levels to provide powerful support for your vision and retinal health. Macula Therapy Formula™ utilizes a blend of antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids and fish oil that will deliver the micronutrients needed by your macula. Our enteric coated fish oil bypasses your stomach and is absorbed into the intestinal wall. You will be able to finally enjoy the benefits of fish oil without stomach issues.