Ways Dr. Rummel can help you with your Low Vision

If you or a loved one are now having problems seeing and doing the things you have enjoyed, Dr. Rummel can help. If you have been told by your eye doctor that a change in your eyeglass prescription will not help you see any better, call Dr. Rummel who is trained to design special glasses that can make a difference.

Are you tired of hearing “NOTHING MORE CAN BE DONE”? Are you frustrated at having to use hand magnifiers to read?

Whether you have suffered a Stroke or have Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Stroke, Inoperable Cataracts, Glaucoma or any other condition causing vision loss, call (888) 838-0188  for free telephone consultation. We will offer an appointment only if we believe we can help.

Spectacle Miniature Telescopes

1. Spectacle Miniature Telescopes

Designed for tasks requiring better central vision and mobility, these glasses are used by drivers to see signs and traffic lights, grandparents to see grandchildren playing soccer and bridge players to see cards on the table.

ClearImage II MicroScope Glasses

2. ClearImage II MicroScope Glasses

Two high-powered lenses “piggybacked” for crystal clear images are prescribed for reading small print.

Side Vision Awareness Glasses

3. Side Vision Awareness

Does your lack of side vision leave you missing out? Afraid of accidents or walking into people? Concerned about your safety? There is help…

Side Vision Awareness Glasses ™ (SVAG) were developed by Dr. Errol Rummel of Jackson, NJ after years of treating people with stroke-related, or brain injury related hemianopsia (side vision loss).
Hemianopsia is one of the most common side effects of stroke or traumatic brain injury. If you or someone you care about is suffering from side vision loss, call Dr. Rummel today.

Nutritional Counseling

4. Nutritional Counseling

Twelve years after the landmark AREDS 1 (Age-Related Eye Disease Study), exceptional advances in scientific knowledge allow us to recommend proper nutrients to retard the progression of conditions like Macular Degeneration.

Illumination Counseling

5. Illumination Counseling

The aging retina of the eye requires increased illumination to achieve better vision. We will recommend low vision designed lamps and bulbs for best results at home.